SnakeBloodlines Ball Pythons

SnakeBloodlines Ball Pythons



Fantastic Reptile Keepers!

If you are looking for a reliable reptile breeder in this industry, you have got to check out this group! They are some of my favorite "go to" people in the industry. I personally recommend each person on this page! Give them a shout out, tell them I sent ya!

Cheers! Rich Macias

I have known Rickie & Becka, these two are so much fun! They know how to enjoy life, love following them on FB, too bad we live a continent away from each other! They specialize in recessive ball python genetics: TSK Axanthic, Albino, Lavender Albino, Ultramel, Tri-Stripe, Puzzle, Clown, Orange Ghost, Pied, and Sunset. We are working towards double, triple, and even quad recessives with all of those combinations. We also have boa constrictors; Kahl Albino, IMG, Anery, Fire diamond, and CA T+ being the main focus. Lastly, but definetly not least, we are growing up an Axanthic Carpet Python trio to produce combinations of those as well.  


Dave has been a good long distance friend of mine for many years! Any ball python questions I just can't figure out go directly to Dave. He knows his stuff. If you have a chance...look him up for sure. Super Great Guy!

Here at Massacre's Morphs we are a small breeder who love reptiles and hope to share our love for the hobby with you!  


I worked with Josh & Jamie Allman on a transaction for the first time in 2020. The animals I received were absolutely stunning! They have only been in the business for a few years, and do everything right! Can't wait to see these future top of the line breeders. Keep up the great work Josh & Jamie!

About: Ball Python Kingdom is run by Josh and Jamie Allman. Both have always had a passion for reptiles, and have been keeping ball pythons for years, and have just started breeding as of 2017. 

Morph Market: Ball Python Kingdom


Mean Morphs - Joe Means

Joe is a great beginner breeder! He only works with the highest quality version of particular morphs. 

About:  Breeding high quality ball python morphs with a focus on Recessive genes.

Morph Market: Means Morphs

Phone:  513-748-9633

Rich Macias