SnakeBloodlines Ball Pythons

SnakeBloodlines Ball Pythons


Ball Python Husbandry and Care Tips:

Common beginner husbandry Issues:

"My Ball Python doesn't eat". This is a common problem regarding snakes that have beed recently transplanted from a collection to a new home.

1st... ball pythons are nocturnal reptiles so they need no light. You can get rid of the light setup even the red bulbs, any basking heat will stress them out. All he needs is a small heat pad under the log to regulate body temps. Basking heat just makes them irritated and angry... 88-90F is all that is needed in the hot spot. 

2nd... ball pythons are very shy and don't like exposure. Why every time you walk in he starts getting defensive. The log is not a sufficient hide. Its nice decor but serves very little cover. Add a real hide where he can crawl into and barely fit inside.Think the pet stores sell black plastic ones.... not to big, he needs to be cramped to feel secure. I would add 2 blacked out hides. And more logs for him to push against.

3rd... wrap the back and two sides with dark color wrapping paper. In a glass setup, only one panel should be exposed for reptile viewing. This will help limit his exposure as well. You can also cover the top screen with a solid thin piece of wood, orplastic cut to size.  you can leave a 1" crack for air flow that is all that is needed for fresh air exchange.

Make these three adjustments for now and you should notice a change.....

All the books & articles will say to make your exact setup, but they were written to cater to a broad range of all species of reptiles. You can take a ball python book, a tortoise book & a bearded dragon book from a box petstore and all three books will offer the same basic husbandry setup. Remember, different species have entirely different needs when setting up a new reptile enclosure.
Rich Macias