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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Ball Pythons

This is a resource page filled with frequently asked questions about the care, breeding, and business of Ball Pythons and other reptiles by Rich Macias. If you have any questions please send them to Rich Macias and I will be certain to answer them as soon as possible! Take care!!

Hey can you please give me some tips on how to fatten up or maybe make my ball pythons pick up weight a little quicker?

  Live rats of the appropriate size bulks up ball pythons.  

What is the correct way to thaw out mice and rats to feed them?  

There are many different ways to thaw out rodents including, room temp. thaw, spot lamp, water thaw, small fan, heat fan. 

The best method I have found and use is to air thaw on newspaper or better yet hardware cloth (hard wire mesh) suspended above the newspaper. This hardware cloth elevates the frozen rodents so the moisture can evaporate and you get nice and dry rodents to feed your reptiles in the morning. This is a lengthy process, however the rodent's aren't going anywhere, so just let them sit and go run some errands until they are ready to be fed. You can also use a small fan to blow air over the frozen feeders to help speed up this process, which works fine.

Some people also soak in a tub full of warm water, however, that makes a big nasty mess of soggy feeders.  

A spot lamp or heat pads are undesirable because this process will slowly cook the inside guts, causing the feeder to rotten from the inside out very quickly.