Ball Pythons by Rich Macias

Ball Pythons by Rich Macias


Daily Journal

12 Jun 2021

Russo Lemonblast Ball Python

This is one of the biggest surprises of 2021. I can't believe how much the simple Russo gene made the lemonblast pop! Amazing....

Thanks Myles for helping me figure out what this little one is!

28 May 2021

First clutch of 2021 

#1635 White Diamond  X F1309 Russo

18 Jan 2021

Snakes sneak out of your tubs??

Little Rack Hack...This particular snake kept pushing its tray out over & over again. Placed a couple thin layers of duct tape on the lip of the tray and HA! No more escapes bro
3 Jan 2021

Star Wars Face Bikinis!

Polished up the old cosplay skills, making fresh new face bikinis for the kids back to school. They blow through these faster than socks. Well, at least you only need to find one, instead if a pair in the morning!?
1 Jan 2021

Happy New Year!

From our family to yours, wishing you all the best this next year has to offer!
31 Dec 2020


From our family to yours! Wishing you the best of new years and a fresh start to bring, create a new chapter in your life!

Cheers, Rich Macias & Family!

31 Dec 2020

Like them New Years Locks! That yellow stripe ain’t so bad either ;-)
22 Oct 2020

Bloodlines Video Series??

Hi everyone, been thinking seriously about doing a short video series. I really want to give back and help the new aspiring breeders move up to the next level. Does anyone have any subject matter you would like covered? Stay healthy my friends 😊
19 Oct 2020

Cutting a handful of new labels for the girls that graduated to adult racks this year!

Daddies So Proud ;-)

16 Sep 2020

Ken Foose, you were a student of nature, and a teacher of our natural world, but more than anything, it was your love for people which I will always remember you, rest in peace my friend, and Thank You!
12 Jul 2020

2020 What a year!

Well, today is July 11, 2020! Four months has passed since the beginning of the covid pandemic. During this time, my hopes for returning to my regular "day" job of Banquet Bartending on the Las Vegas strip grows less and less by the day. The past couple years, I was looking forward to moving on from cleaning rodent and snake cages as an old favorite past time. However, things have changed so quickly. Now, I can see my live will do a complete 180 and instead of becoming a retired reptile breeder, I'm ending up becoming a full time breeder as there are very few bartending options available in Las Vegas this year! Keep checking back, this old breeder still has a few cool bp projects a brewing! Can't wait getting fired up! Lets breed 2021 ready or not here we come!
30 Jun 2020

Today was a first clutch of 2020, It was my kids first time with this experience and the thrill lasted about 10 minutes...then they went back to the video games and youtube… lol Oh well, maybe they will pick the reptile bug up next year. Ha ha...until then...the snakes are all mine!!
21 Jun 2020

June 2020

I hope everyone is being safe out in public, crazy world we are living in these days. Please be careful out doors, wear masks and take every precaution necessary to be healthy!

Sincerely, Rich Macias

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