Ball Pythons by Rich Macias

Ball Pythons by Rich Macias


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13 Jun 2013

Green Ghost with het daughter, I believe this is one of they key elements needed to create a blue ball. Think about it, mixing blue & yellow make green, well why not take the yellow away, what's left?

10 Jun 2013

Took this shot today, I still think caramel albinos are breath-taking animals. This is an adult male Bell Line Caramel Albino.
4 Jun 2013

Eggs, Eggs, & more Eggs!

Tis' the season to lay more snake eggs!
1 Jun 2013

100F + from now on here in Las Vegas. Good thing I installed a new swamp cooler in the reptile room, it's holding a flat 88F so I can shelf incubate all my eggs also :-)

29 May 2013

Check out my new page 2013 Clutch Records! Until now, I have never been able to show much of my clutch information, now you get to see it all, females, eggs, and group shot after their first sheds,  Hope you enjoy!

28 May 2013

Very long work day today... just wrapping up an email to my good buddy Marc and finished with this sentence, "Thanks again for emailing Marc, I just checked on the snows for you and found another snow female layed a surprise clutch bred to a snow male :-) Thought I was going finish up the emails, take a shower and hit the bed, guess not?" Nice! ;-)     

26 May 2013

Oh, my..... I just checked all my gravid (pregnant) female ball pythons and June is going to be a very nice laying month, I think I just may have those chubby eggs coming out of my ears by the end of next month, and that's a good thing!

25 May 2013

Wow, working on this site all evening and searched my name in the BOI from the faunaclassifieds.  I was floored to find so many wonderful testimonals that go back many years. I am so touched by all the kind words, and would like to say thank you! You guys & gals are the best!

20 May 2013

I recently ordered some new 5" deep rat nesting boxes from Freedom Breeder. Up to now, all my preggy rats were placed in mice tubs for birth & nursing which worked fine, but I do have to say the extra room from these deeper tubs feels much, much better. Nice job Freedom Breeder!

6 Apr 2019

Thanks to my buddy Joe Means, this is my first unboxing video that I know of...thanks Joe!

Enjoy all!!!


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