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BLOODLINES by Rich Macias


19 Oct 2020

Cutting a handful of new labels for the girls that graduated to adult racks this year!

Daddies So Proud ;-)

16 Sep 2020
Ken Foose, you were a student of nature, and a teacher of our natural world, but more than anything, it was your love for people which I will always remember you, rest in peace my friend, and Thank You!
12 Jul 2020

2020 What a year!

Well, today is July 11, 2020! Four months has passed since the beginning of the covid pandemic. During this time, my hopes for returning to my regular "day" job of Banquet Bartending on the Las Vegas strip grows less and less by the day. The past couple years, I was looking forward to moving on from cleaning rodent and snake cages as an old favorite past time. However, things have changed so quickly. Now, I can see my live will do a complete 180 and instead of becoming a retired reptile breeder, I'm ending up becoming a full time breeder as there are very few bartending options available in Las Vegas this year! Keep checking back, this old breeder still has a few cool bp projects a brewing! Can't wait getting fired up! Lets breed 2021 ready or not here we come!
30 Jun 2020

Today was a first clutch of 2020, It was my kids first time with this experience and the thrill lasted about 10 minutes...then they went back to the video games and youtube… lol Oh well, maybe they will pick the reptile bug up next year. Ha ha...until then...the snakes are all mine!!
21 Jun 2020

June 2020

I hope everyone is being safe out in public, crazy world we are living in these days. Please be careful out doors, wear masks and take every precaution necessary to be healthy!

Sincerely, Rich Macias

2 Jun 2020

Albino + Pinstripe + Het Tri-Stripe

Here is an interesting Tri-Stripe project. This little man has confused me for the longest time. I keep wanting to think its a visual Tri-Stripe, but something in my gut just tells me its a het. I'm still seeing slight dashes on the side strips that would be exposed as a visual Tri-Stripe. Do you see anything else? Let me know :-) Be Safe! Rich
4 Sep 2018

 Fall 2018 is here!!! Wow! Where in the heck did this last year go?? Been soo busy with family matters, I actually did seriously forget to breed snakes for 2018....for reals.... Well, good news is the females are ripe and plump for 2019! Even, my wevsite has been sporting 2017 prices all this year as now, site is up to date... Gotta get with the program, lots of incredible new ball python breeders online now! until next time my friends!


Rich Macias

17 Apr 2018

 Just something about paradox stuff!!!

16 Apr 2018

 Clowns are cool,

Lavenders are lovely,

So if you mix them both together are they are covely!? 

Ok, ok, dumb dork joke...don’t

15 Apr 2018

Mmmmm... if you haven’t seen the MicroScale yet.... check it out...Pretty Awesome!!

20 Aug 2017

Introducing a Worlds First 
Triple Visual Recessive of this kind!

by Rich Macias


1/64 Chance of Producing!!

1 May 2019
A wicked looking Albino Pin!
30 May 2016

2016 Laying season is here and wow, am I revitalized.  This season is a rebirth for my animal care, for the past couple years the overwelming numbers of snakes has been dragging me down. Now, it's under control & fewer clutches is where it's at!

Stay tuned, got some wicked (hopefully worlds first?) getting ready to lay.....

Rich Macias

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