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ย  Welcome to Bloodlines by Rich Macias โ€“ your go-to destination for Ball Pythons! By day, I'm a real estate agent, but at night, my passion for reptiles shines. With 30 years of reptile experience, I've accumulated a very nice ball python collection, and I'm ready to sell everything this year!

Learn about breeding and caring for these amazing creatures, whether you're new or experienced. Our ball pythons are special, bred with pride and exceptional bloodlines.

Explore more at Act fast for limited-time deals! Contact me to secure your snake companion before summer 2024. Let's get you started out on this adventure together!ย ย 

Welcome to my Ball Python website!

๐Ÿ Welcome to Bloodlines by Rich Macias, your ultimate destination for all things Ball Pythons! By day, I'm a dedicated Local Southern Nevada Real Estate Agent, assisting clients in finding their dream homes. When the sun sets, my passion for reptiles takes center stage, focusing on breeding exceptional designer and investment-quality Ball Pythons.

With nearly 30 years of experience since my college days in 1994, I've honed my skills in the art of breeding and caring for ball pythons. At Bloodlines, I'm excited to share my expertise, providing valuable information, tips, and resources for both seasoned breeders and passionate enthusiasts alike.

Each Ball Python I breed is a testament to quality and uniqueness, raised with meticulous care. Whether you seek a stunning designer morph or an investment-worthy python with exceptional bloodlines, I've got you covered.

Act now! Limited-time deals are available, and all ball pythons must find new homes before summer 2024. Email Rich ASAP to secure your exclusive offer and embark on this reptile adventure together.

Contact Rich at for great deals and expert guidance. Thank you for visiting Bloodlines by Rich Macias โ€“ let's make your reptile dreams a reality! Stay safe. Explore more at ๐Ÿ๐Ÿกโœจ

Rich Macias