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BLOODLINES by Rich Macias

Investment Quality Ball Pythons

Daddy Daughter PE Day!
Daddy Daughter PE Day!

Welcome to my Ball Python website!

My name is Rich Macias, a private breeder of designer & investment quality Ball Pythons since 1994! During the past 26 years, I have acquired a vast knowledge and passion for sharing this information with fellow reptile enthusiasts! 

Check out my testimonial page to see all the positive feedback my customers had to say about my ball pythons. I also maintain a web reptile store on Morph Market which contains many more ball pythons and specific details of each. Thank you for your time, and contact me if you have any questions!

Be Safe.. Rich Macias

Western Hognose Wanted!
Western Hognose Wanted!


Western Hognose, So please let me know if you have any trades in mind?

Thank you, Rich

Bloodlines/Overnight Live Animal Delivery Cost:

Overnight Shipping Fees vary greatly depending on the final destination and size of box used for transport via Fedex Priority Overnight Shipping. On average my prices are:

  • Western United States $45-$55
  • Central United States $55-$65
  • Eastern United States $65-$75

For exact pricing please send your zip code to

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