Ball Pythons by Rich Macias

Ball Pythons by Rich Macias



7 Sep 2016

"Received safe and sound. Thank you. Let me know if you have any other good deals going on sir."

-Antoine H. (California)
28 Aug 2016

"Hi Rich, Just a note to let you know that I received the pastel pied male this morning. He was pretty cold when I opened the box. He has been moved into his new home and is warming up and seems to be doing well. Buying from SnakeBloodlines has been fantastic experience! Thanks for answering my questions and offering advice. As I add to my collection, Bloodlines will be the first place I go." 
-Scott (Utah)

10 Aug 2016

"Snakes arrived safe and sound.  Thanks again for throwing in the male.  Maybe sometime in the future I can return the favor.  Just might have something in the future that you are interested in that you don't have.  I have 17 clutches cooking right now with more to come :)"

-Brandon R. (California)
10 Jul 2016

 Hi Rich!

       Just thought I would give you an update. The albino  het axanthic I bought from you a couple years ago that was a 50% poss het clown proved out to a double het axanthic clown female. We missed the double visual but just getting the clown is reward enough. Hope all is going well for you!
    Rebekah Tapman
9 Jun 2016

"She arrived safe and sound! Wow, what a gorgeous, healthy girl she is. Thanks so much-- I'll definitely keep you in mind when I'm ready to add to my collection again!"

-Stacie P. (Indiana)

24 Apr 2016

"Hey Rich, got to take a really good look at her this morning and I love her pattern. Didn't realize how busy she was, parts of her look like a puzzle. Anyway, thanks again. I'll let you know if she proves, she's got a nice double het lav./clown male waiting for her. Thanks,"

-Jon G. (New Jersey)

6 Apr 2016

"Hi Rich, The girls just arrived. They look nice and healthy and were quite friendly for going through a night of transportation like they did. Thanks a ton for the records, I'll be sure to put those stickers to use too =) I'll send you any updates with my pairings. Hopefully I have some good luck =)"

-Dan W. (Arizona)

9 Mar 2016

"She just arrived safe & sound.  She is exploring her new tub. What a gorgeous little girl.  I love her markings & color.   Thank you so much!!  You really hit the odds with a het x double het. Have a great day!"

-Beth E. (New Jersey)

8 Mar 2016

"Got him, looks good thanks buddy."
-John A. (Texas)
8 Mar 2016

"Rich, I've got him rehydrating then will put him in the rack. He looks good. Thanks again."
-James D. (Colorado)
26 Feb 2016

"He made it and he is tight, seems to like his new habitat thanks again will stay in touch."

-Marc S. (Ohio)
23 Feb 2016

"Hi Rich, just wanted to let you know the pastel pied is settled in and ate no problem. She is so cool, I would swear she has the yb gene in her too lol."

-Mark R. (California)
20 Jan 2016

"Snake came in looking great thank you so much for him very happy good looking snake"

-Jeanne N. (California)

20 Dec 2015
Albino 100% Het Tri-Stripe Ball Python
Albino 100% Het Tri-Stripe Ball Python

"Hello, all is well. Arrived healthy and alive. Thank you for allowing me to purchase these awesome snakes. Very, very pleased with this transaction, over all. Again, thank you for your business."

-Ricky Cooper. (December 2015)
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