SnakeBloodlines Ball Pythons

SnakeBloodlines Ball Pythons



5 Mar 2015

"I had did business with Rich Macias last week and the transaction was nothing but pleasure. Animal was properly package and 100% healthy - along with being alert animal was obviously well taken care of. Thank you again, Rich I highly recommend doing business with him in the future."



"I've said many times, Rich is the best. I mean the very best. I buy from him often and without hesitation. Plus, he's one of the nicest people I've ever met in my life. Truely impressive all the way around."

-Ken Foose 


"Bought from him also. Very happy."



"Rich is definately a "Class Act" and his reputation has stood the test of time!! Never hesitate to deal with Bloodines!!"

-Drew R    

3 Mar 2015

"Rich is very likely the most honest, decent good guy you will ever have the pleasure of dealing with. I have known him for many years, have dealt with him many times, and have never regreted a thing. He is just a superior human being. And a damned good herpetologist to boot. I would trust the man with all that I have."

-Ken Foose


"Rich is a Great Guy! I also know Rich personally. He is a member of our Herp Society and has given presentations for us. He knows his stuff and do not hesitate to do business with him. He is as good as it gets."

-Kimberly Anderson, President
Southern Nevada Herpetological Society


"I've never done business with Rich Macias, but have done several shows with him where we were both vendors. The animals on his table appeared flawless, and he answered my questions with knowledge and professionalism."

-Isis Reptiles 


"I have not dealt with him personally, but a friend of mine has. His name is Cristian Kaleta from Predator Reptiles. Cristian had comments similar to Ken's in regard to Rich. Basically, he said that you cant say enough good things about Rich, and that he is the best of the best."

-Mike Madec

"Rich is a stand up guy and very friendly to boot. I would'nt hesitate to do business with him. 
He should get back into geckos again though..."



3 Mar 2015

"I just purchased a beautiful gold striped female ball python from Rich and I am absolutely thrilled. The poor girl was born with a kink in her tail that will most likely make her non-breedable. Rich was selling her as a pet ONLY for fear that she could become egg-bound if bred, and had her priced very reasonably. He and I e-mailed back and forth, he was great with communication, and he gave me a call when he got her flight details from Delta. We both have 2-month-old babies that require a lot of attention and work, but he still managed to get my snake shipped within less than 24 hours after I sent payment. He asked that I give him a call when I pick her up so that he knows she's OK and doesn't THAT is awesome...he cares greatly for his animals. She was very well packed; comfortable in a secured bag that was surrounded by newspaper in a styrofoam lined box with air holes. He included with her a copy of her entire feeding, shedding, and weight history...complete since the day she was hatched by him (6-28-03). Included in the info were her parents' ID numbers and a photo of her as a hatchling. Outstanding!"

-Pink Lady Exotics     

3 Mar 2015

"Purchased a 2010 het Albino female from Rich and received her today. Prior to completing the sale, his communication was outstanding; answered any and every question I asked of him and kept me updated on the shipping status, etc. 

Upon receiving her she was in great condition; no stuck shed, no apparent issues of any kind. Packaging was great and while she had room to be comfortable, there wasn't enough for her to possibly hurt herself had she been dropped or otherwise handled roughly in transit. The feeding/shed card was filled out and up-to-date and the corresponding paperwork was in order and obviously not a last minute rush job. I would highly recommend Rich and the clincher for me and what will bring me back to purchase from him again was the phone call I received upon picking her up.

I had just arrived home with her and gotten her settled into the quarantine rack. Rich had followed the tracking updates from FedEx and had called approximately an hour after I had arrived home with her. That is the first and only time thus far that a breeder/seller has called to check, personally, on the welfare of an animal they sold. That speaks for itself as to the type of seller Mr. Macias is. Thank you very much, Rich and take care if you should read this!"
- Tom youbeyouibei 

3 Mar 2015

"I had the same experience with Rich Macias, excellent in every way snakesRkewl"

-Jerry Robertson

3 Mar 2015

"I had the same experience with Rich Macias for my 100% female het albino as well. Great guy!"

-Anthony Canzonieri 

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