SnakeBloodlines Ball Pythons

SnakeBloodlines Ball Pythons



20 Jan 2016

"Snake came in looking great thank you so much for him very happy good looking snake"

-Jeanne N. (California)

20 Dec 2015
Albino 100% Het Tri-Stripe Ball Python

Albino 100% Het Tri-Stripe Ball Python

"Hello, all is well. Arrived healthy and alive. Thank you for allowing me to purchase these awesome snakes. Very, very pleased with this transaction, over all. Again, thank you for your business."

-Ricky Cooper. (December 2015)
10 Dec 2015

"Rich, Just wanted to give a follow up on the great Lav. Albino you sent me.  I gave him 7 days undisturbed in my rack and last night he immediately took a f/t mouse.  One of the easiest switches to f/t I've had.  He's actually a Christmas present for my fiancee who has been looking for a lav male to cross to her vpi pastel axanthic girl so I'm thrilled he's such a great snake."

-Ryan W. (December 2015)
14 Oct 2015

"I must say, you've been very accommodating and the service is impeccable."

-Phil (October 2015)

1 Sep 2015

"Hi Rich, Got the snakes. The male is beautiful! Thank you very much for everything!"

-Semen (September 2015)

11 Aug 2015

"Hey Rich. They finally came in. They look great! Thank you again!!"

-Ian (August 2015)
8 May 2015

Good morning Rich, The pied arrived just after 10am and she looks great.  I can't believe how bright she is!  Consider me a very satisfied customer.  :) Thanks again,
-Meg (May 2015)

15 Apr 2015

"Just received and unboxed her. She arrived in perfect condition and is extremely beautiful. Thank you so much! Very excited to breed this girl!"

-James (April 2015)

15 Apr 2015

"Rich, She just arrived, safely. Looks good.  Thanks again."
-Mike (April 2015)

1 Apr 2015

"Got'em Rich! They look fantastic! Now time to get them fattened up and ready for next season.  

Thanks again!"

-Matt (April 2015)

5 Mar 2015

"Thank you so very much! Everything is correct and I can not wait to see her in person! I didn't see that she was PH ghost before. Maybe that will be a fun experiment in the future =) Thank you again. I'm incredibly excited!"

-Crystal (March 2015)

5 Mar 2015

"The snakes just got here. They look great!! Thank you!!!"

-Bekah (Jan. 2015)

"Hi Rich, your balls are all great quality! Feeding record cards are also helpful! Thank you very much! I hope we can do more in the future!   Much thanks."

-Jason (December, 2014)

"Hi Rich, I just picked up the trio & they are awesome!  Thanks so much....I really appreciate everything you've done & am very happy with them.
Maybe this spring I can start working on a lavender albino project :).
Thanks again & have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
-Darlene (November, 2014)

" Hey Rich, Receieved the girl and she came in fine. I must way Wow, she has great pattern and color, not to mention the reduction we spoke of. Very satifisfied with her. I was never into axanthic, but after this girl you've made me a believer! Will see in the future as i go for true ghost myself and hopefully a true ghost clown sometime down the line. Thx again. I spoken and dealt with many breeders in this industry, even the big guys, and I must say you top off as being one of the more enjoyful ones to talk to. Looking forward to picking up more from you in the future!! Its been a Pleasure!!"

-Rommel (October, 2014)

5 Mar 2015

"Rich Sorry for the later than usual notification here but tonight is a feeding for my guys and gals. The pair has arrived safe and sound, all's well.As always Rich, thanks again you're the best. I just can't wait to make more snows!!!!!"
-Marc C (October 2014)

"Hey Rich, just letting you know that they both arrived perfectly healthy and gorgeous looking. The female is a little bite happy, but I'll get that out of her soon enough. Thank you very much for the both of them. I'll keep you in mind for future acquisitions."

-Kaleb S. (October 2014)

"Hey rich, just wanted to let you know I just received the snake. He made it through shipping just fine and is acclimating to his new home. Thanks a bunch its been a pleasure."

-David P. (September 2014)

"Hello Rich, Today I came home from my trip in the USA. My girlfriend set up the snow hognose, today I gave him a prekilled mice and he accepted it direct. He is feeling at home ;) He is looking great and doing well. Thanks." 
-Edwin R. (September 2014)

"Thank you for your fantastic response! I have emailed a few others who were very short with the one word responses and I ended up moving on since it seemed they weren't interested in my business. You are a breath of fresh air."

-Seth H. (August 2014)

"I got my 100% het albino pied pair a few days ago after several days of you patiently answering emails and questions, and they were amazing. Everything was packed up very professionally and the snakes were in great condition right out of the box. After putting them in their new homes, I put them together and within an hour they were already locked up! Now looking forward to the possibility of pieds, albinos, and hopefully even the elusive albino pied! Thanks again for the great snakes and the professional service! I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking quality ball pythons at great prices."

-Chad C. (July 2014)

"oh yes I did indeed get them today and they are beautiful and very active in the new enclosures I just bought for them and my others. They are gorgeous. I am thrilled with them and just so you know I went WOW when I opened all three bags. They looked very healthy and well cared for. You should be very proud of yourself for producing such beautiful animals and caring for them so well. Thank you for the care cards also." 

-Terrie T. (July 2014) 

"Rich, Just got the Dbl het hypo pied. He is doing great. Very professional. Will be doing business with you again soon. I am expanding my Pied projects. Thanks" 

-Paul Summers (June 2014)


"Just found your facebook page! I bought a gorgeous male pied from you about a year and a half ago! He's been the best pet ever and all of the little kids in the neighborhood knock on my door (everyday) asking if they can hold Jones."

-Fable Fox

5 Mar 2015

"This is Lauren Clark, just got an albino hognose from Rich Macias. Great guy to deal with, nice easy transaction. Healthy snake that looks even better than her photo! Will buy from Rich again!"

-Lauren Clark             


"I second it. Rich is a great guy, with some killer animals. Do not hesitate to deal with Rich."


"Rich is one of the good guys and has been around the industry for many years!"

-Drew R


"I got a boy pied from him a couple years back. It was a flawless transaction. I'll do business with him again."


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